A downloadable game for Windows


arrow keys to move, v to crouch/jump, z (or w or y) xc for abilities

7 whole new puzzles wowow

i made the first 4 puzzle levels, and then after the powerup introduction the next 3 are made by my friend

feedback would be rad as always, especially in terms of performance. if the game ran poorly for you please lemme know any details in the comments

Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

extract all files into a folder and run the exe




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Performance was splendid. So only the usual feedback:

Everything past the first message delivery knight was talking a bit too fast. Are you considering to add manual text advance (press crouch to nod perhaps)?

Depth perception is still very much a problem, but in the first level after the introduction I noticed problems can easily be avoided by simply not using the exact same colour palette and tile type around gaps (the red cross stood out very well against the grey platforms - also the clouds going up in between gaps help a lot; make sure they contrast well and reach high enough for 1 tile gaps).

Also beginning with that level I started to get persistent, but disorienting resets by going onto certain tiles/performing certain actions (reset if I didn't jump up from the first grey cross platform, reset if I pull the first block onto a switch in the next level). I hope this is an attempt at adding checkpoints, which would've helped in the first platform intensive last level of the introduction. In the second case I guess it was because I pulled the wrong block down by combining lift and zap ability. Didn't look right either (ability combos are a very cool thing though).

Reset buttons are nice and all, but most of the time they make the actual puzzle more confusing than need be. For example instead of having a button that resets a block you can pull down from an elevation required to build a tower, have a button that lowers a wall only when said tower base is in the right position to be build upon (base on the button). Beyond that you only need to figure out a way to prevent destroying the tower afterwards. Maybe have magical blocks that fuse together in a shiny animation? Alternatively a button that can actually elevate a block (back) up (right in front of the elevator to pull the block from it) for a manual reset would be great too.

It took me a second play through to figure out I can use a dead body on a button. Before I just glitched over the wall wiggling the sword ;D

With how often I had to attempt and walk around the later levels I wish the jump would increase my speed a tiny bit if released while going full speed already. Something to ease up traversal once the player gets impatient running along the same spaces and before getting the zap ability (or when you avoid using it for safety - be it an in game reason not to zap something or just not being very good at controlling it).

Glitching away from releasing under other objects was a bit annoying at times, especially under crates. I think the knockback from that could be decreased. Also in case of crates, how about making that action lob/propel the crate forward to where you would've jumped yourself? I get that you have to jump while standing still and move afterwards if you want to carefully jump with a crate, but moving a little early to glitch away to your doom isn't much fun. If instead the crate got lobbed to where you tried to jump that would save a lot of frustration and open up more possible level designs.

Is there a way to swap abilities? It can be a little confusing to have the same button do something different every level because of a different pickup order.

I'm looking forward to have all kinds of tiny action sounds for the basic character actions. Crouch, fully charged crouch, jump, land, push - they all feel like audio feedback could greatly increase just how fun it is to nudge the robe around.

All that said both levels and mechanics were so much better already. Love it.

edit: got the game to crash by unplugging a 360 controller

also the game takes awfully long to pop up after launching it