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I really enjoyed the demo for this game, and can't wait for more! I may be a little late to the party too, but I did a video on the game as well!


I literally made an account only for telling this to the developers:THIS GAME IS AWESOME, I had a blast playing the demo, looking forward for the release!


Thank you! :D

Hi, would it be possible to allow download of older versions of your game for archival purposes? Thanks!

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Sure! When I upload the final demo revision within a day or so I'll also add an archive .zip of all the previous versions, too.


This game was so much fun, can't wait for the full release!


my #firstimpressions of #FightKnight. A very sexy #kickstarter #indiegame by @Sorcerobe


This game is great. I supported it on Kickstarter and even wrote on it on my blog. Hope you will get one hell of fund to make this game as awesome as possible. And make another ten, once you get the ideas ;)


oh boy does this have future!!! BRILLIANT GAME MATE! loved everything about it :)


I really love the feel of this game! I'm pretty sure I didn't get that far, but it was still brilliant. I love the mix of an instanced battle system and a dungeon crawler. That and the music is just so great! I'd definitely play this game on my own time.

How do you run the game in fullscreen?

You can use the windows keyboard shortcut Alt+Enter to fullscreen the game

Please...i need to modify control of keyboard. It's hard  to use because ctrl and shift are hotkey of my Chinese input meth.  It means when i use block, i just lost control except press shift again.

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Hmm...for some reason I can't get the demo. The Download button doesn't do anything for me.

Are you able to download any other games? There aren't any permissions or anything, so you should be able to

I'm not able to. That's odd, since I've downloaded games from here before.

In the end, I was able to get the download working on Chrome, instead of Firefox like I have been using. Maybe it's something with the site/browser?

I'm wondering, do you foresee any legal issues with EA concerning their "Fight Night" series of boxing games?

It's a very mild concern, but I think it is unlikely as it's pretty tenuous ground for trouble, and we are not remotely big enough of a fish for EA to fry anyways


This review is fresh off the presses, though not as fresh as the newest version. If the game magically turns into something absolutely tits-up amazing, I’ll be forced to play again.

Anyway, this was a disappointment to me, especially considering how long I’ve followed your Tumblr for. I would have thought it more visceral considering the title, but I suppose not. Kratzen gives it two stars out of five, and you should feel lucky to earn that, given how miserable I felt during it.


Hey thanks for the demo review dude, I'm sorry you didn't end up liking it. I appreciate the criticism! I would say that you may enjoy aspects of the game more were you to spend some more time, seeing more of the content, but I totally understand if you don't want to. If the game doesn't grab you from the start, you can hardly be expected to trudge through more of it :P


Never being in a position where somebody has fairly criticised me, I have no idea how to put myself in your shoes. I did get a picture of somebody flipping off my website, though. What would I do to them? Ignore them to death?

I remember millionaire ad man David Ogilvy being disinherited by his mother on the grounds that “he would make more money than was good for him without me”. I take it you’re similar; you already have the marketing portion down pat, which is more than I could ever do with my games.

The impressive part isn’t that you did that; it’s that, in the first place, you convinced a rag-tag team of presumably unpaid members to join you, which I was never able to do despite having max Charisma.

In the second place, it’s that you made other games and weren’t discouraged when they crashed and burned, and they must have, because I’ve never heard of you before FIGHT KNIGHT. I did one. Once. And then I stopped, because I was but a husk of a man.

But you seem to know what you’re doing, if only because of that Ninja Baseball Bat Man avatar.





Amazing game.
Sweet art, cool gameplay and making love with my ears (so much love chiptune)
Can't wait  for release!

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Really nice demo (and I tought it wasn't for me^^). Really original and fun combat mechanics and thank god, it's not another rogue-lite :S

And congratz to whoever made the OST. Love it!

Just a few things that bothered me though:

- I don't really see the need of grid-based movement in exploration mode, it's tedious and doesn't bring anything
- Getting back to bed all the time can be frustrating, especially with the random encounter system. But again, it's mainly because of the grid-based movements.

Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see how it will evolve over time  :)

Eh, itch says this game is not available for Windows? It says it's not available on any platform.

Recorded a quick video of your game if you'd like to check it out!


This was a cool game I had a lot of fun with it, and made a video, ca't wait until the game is finish, and I LOVE the soundtrack :D

Keep up the good work!!

Great game! Good mix of brawler & old school dungeon crawl!

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page screenshot & trailer are more eye-catching than preview image..

try to use gif as preview image

btw love your game <3

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AND I thought good gamedevs were dead! This is fantastic! I have been waiting so long for this game! Still waiting for the full game.... #hype

backed this thing to greatness!

The soundtrack does it for me...

hi and big thx for this amazing game :) i mad a little video of your great game :) i like the grapihic style. great job and 5/5 greetings from germany


Great game guys! The combat feels awesome and smooth, never boring and always fast paced, the art style is very impressive, I like the fact that is old school but at the same time new and fresh, you got the right balance :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for your kickstarter campaign, you deserve it, cheers!

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Extremely fun, couldn't put it down! The whole of this is so cohesive and solid, and the play feel is fast and addictive without being overwhelming. Great use of art, music/sfx, and motion to provide feedback/queues as well.

Noticed that it is a bit easy to just keep side dodge punching or uppercutting everything rapidly to avoid damage, so only a few enemy groups ever felt challenging or like specific tactics were needed. Didn't find much a reason to block because knocking enemies around/down to stun them was easier. Demo boss was also rather easy because of this.

Congrats on getting backed!

This games not for me, but, it looks GREAT in portrait mode and has really really nice music and sound fx.


It's quite the rush during combat. Congrats on doubling your KS goal. :)

Having a lot of fun so far! Love the fast paced combat and am really looking forward to an even harder difficulty in the full version! 

If there's anything I'd comment on, I'd say it would be nice if the map would stay open after changing floors or getting back out of combat. I could see it getting a little tedious having to reopen it every time. Also I'm not sure if it's just for the demo's sake, but the encounter rate is pretty high. It would be nice to be able to explore a bit further without getting into a fight, especially with as complex of dungeons as you seem to be making (no complaint there).

Also, I gotta say I love all the little names you give the groups of enemies. 

!! :D

FINALLY! I'd wish you luck on the kickstarter, but you're only $600 away as of my typing this, so

Super tight controls and satisfying as all hell to punch stuff.

Nice! I've wanted to play this for a while now. DEMO!!! :)


Good game