FIGHT KNIGHT kickstarter demo version 17 (final!)

  • fixed glitch that let you skip the sword shatter animation
  • all punches now advance dialogue instead of just the basic punch
  • fixed items showing up on the game over screen
  • improved tutorial logic
  • fixed possible memory leak
  • added analog stick dead zone
  • minor floor 1 layout changes
  • minor floor 3 layout changes
  • fixed potential shop menu softlock
  • fixed left half of healthbar staying white after using a health potion and taking damage
  • added NPC encounter in floor 2 to help frame the puzzle
  • updated music to include soundtrack revisions
  • replaced demo-end NPC (?)

This is the last update we foresee the KS demo getting! it's been a great run and we've learned a lot over these 17 versions, but now we have to make the rest of the game! :)

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Aug 05, 2017 54 MB
Aug 05, 2017

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